EPWNG Committees

Professional Speakers of EPWNG (PSOE): The PSOE coordinates educational seminars and programming offered by our EPWNG members to businesses and organizations in the Chicagoland area.  The goal is to offer one to two speaking engagements per year comprised of a panel of our professional service providers.

Social Committee: The Social Committee plans and coordinates social events and speaking engagements such as Happy Hours, theatre night, spa night, walks in the botanical gardens.

Meeting Administration Committee: The MAC committee members leads North Shore and Chicago meetings. Responsibilities include coordinating the documents needed for each EPWNG meeting, checking in members, communicating important monthly announcements, meeting and greeting guests, and preparing paperwork at the end of each meeting. 

Membership Recruiting: The Membership Recruiting Committee develops strategies to target professional women to become members of EPWNG.  The committee sets membership goals, implements recruiting strategies, and educates EPWNG members on how to properly recruit professional women.

Newsletter Committee: The Newsletter Committee writes about EPWNG-related topics, such as networking tips, member and committee profiles, event recaps and announcements. The EPWNG Insider is published quarterly and working on this team provides a great opportunity to really get to know what's going on at EPWNG.

Social Media Committee: The Social Media committee manages all of EPWNG’s current social media platforms as well as evaluates the suitability of expanding EPWNG’s social media presence.